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I bought a lot of 25 amazon dash buttons on eBay, mass hacked them by playing modem noises in their general direction without opening the packages - exploit worked on 18 out of 25.

Agreed. It's only a matter of time until we see a huge correction across all markets.

Hi. #BTC pyramid need new suckers to pay the energy bill : Around $20 millions daily. Grid operators cannot be paid in crypto. They need your fiat. Please send your life savings to one of the private exchange platforms and receive chocolate coins in exhange. Thanks in advance.

Condo developer plans to buy $1-billion worth of single-family houses in Canada for rentals

This, in the middle of Canada is housing crisis.

Eat the rich.๏ฟผ

Huge epiphany: It just occurred to me that the internet is WAY WAY WAY bigger than FB or Twitter or YouTube. When I left big tech I discovered so many things, so many wonderful people, so very very much that I wouldn't have ever known otherwise! I feel like I thought my entire country consisted of my state...and just learned that the 49 other states have so much to offer that I'd have never known had I never left mine.

quick little breakdown on whos funding some of these props in california

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Ethiopia has a mobile camel library that helps to reach out to remote areas

The initiative which started in 2010, now includes 21 camels, and reaches over 22,000 children in 33 villages.

I've just updated #FreeTube to v0.9.0. This update fixes some of the issues that come up along with adding back distraction free mode. Check out the full changelog here.

You can download the new release over at our website.

So for anyone who wasn't following, Google pressured a bunch of #fediverse app developers to do an impossible thing and in the end they had to delete their app off the Play Store

Here is a good synopsis by @SubwayTooter

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